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Since many of you may not be familiar with this newly launched brand, I have an about us section for you to get an idea. But, as the founder of this passion project, I am going to give you an overview of how my path in life has taken me to this point with The Gem Catch. 

As early as I can remember, I loved trying on my mom's vast collection of jewelry. My mom's extensive collection of unique, artisan earrings and necklaces fascinated me, especially the earrings and necklaces with sparkle and gems. I loved going to craft fairs and art galleries with my mom, perusing the goodies as a child.

As I went to a school where I wore uniforms, I wanted to be a bit different, and jewelry was how to express this. I have fond memories of going to Filene's Basement and Loehmann's and coveting the jewelry there. I only wanted jewelry for my birthday and other significant occasions. I remember going with my mom to Neiman Marcus to pick out an effortless yet stunning vertical diamond bar necklace at Neiman Marcus. If I did not see what I wanted, I tried to track down jewels appealing to me.

Diamond bar pendant

I had many rings and necklaces in college ( none too expensive but all a bit different). I coveted my Grandmother's jewelry and my sister's jewelry from India.

I got my dream job working for a glossy magazine directly out of college. On the first day, my boss sent me to Cartier, David Yurman, and Tassels ( a local jewelry store) to pick out adornments for an upcoming photo shoot. I fell in love.David Yurman at party

I learned more about jewelry with the magazine ( Atlanta Peach) and became acquainted with local designers. Always a journalist, I asked a lot of questions and forged relationships with many artisans. I pursued this interest by browsing curio and antique stores in my off-hours. I also was connected with a business that dealt with jewelry. As I continued in public relations and journalism ( writing for People magazine, Haute Living, among many other publications), I began to use jewelry in my art.jewelry art

Gradually, I started to research jewelry- I was intrigued by the trade journals☺️ jewelry became my passion!  As I read more and began to buy more inexpensive jewelry, I researched antiques and different periods. I started to work with a jeweler and learned how to sell jewelry.diamond ring

This led to an eBay store and an experience that gave me the tools I needed to clean jewelry, restoring it to its original beauty. I discovered how to discern what was "real" and "fake." I also learned about names, symbols, hallmarks, and varied designers. The feel and touch of jewelry is an acquired skill, and I took to it eagerly.

gold diamond pendant
I then took several classes at the Gemological Society of America ( GIA) on diamonds, colored stones, and antique jewelry to earn a diploma as an Applied Jewelry Professional™.


There is a story behind every piece and why a person bought it. That is my motivation for cleaning, finding jewels, and bringing them back to life. I strive to share with my customers a selection that has quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness. Everything on The Gem Catch is something that I would want to wear.

Elissa rosen the gem catch

 This is me, Elissa Rosen, Founder of The Gem Catch.  

I am entranced by the naturalness of gemstones, the weight of particular pieces, how a ring looks on a hand, or how necklaces look when layered. Charms are inspiring because they tell the story of someone's life.

The Gem Catch offers customers a way to be a part of history and contribute to the sustainable aspect of wearing pre-owned. This is a way to keep jewelry moving around in our environment and introduce it to many generations.

That is what inspired me to start The Gem Catch and continue to nurture it over time. I'm inspired and energized by all that I continue to discover and learn. There is an endless amount of information out there. From the beginning of time, people have adorned themselves with treasures. Those facts and stories are endless.

I hope that you will come on my journey with me!


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This is utterly brilliant and I’m not just saying that because I’m your cousin. As a writer I can share that your words speak of a deep passion, one that I am 100% sure will bring you much success. Couldn’t be happier for you and can’t wait to see you sparkle like a diamond in the world of gems and jewelry!! Well done and I’m deeply impressed.

Daniel Palmer November 20, 2021

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