Remembering Elsa Peretti: The Top 5 Collections

I was saddened to see the news that famed Tiffany & Co designer, Elsa Peretti,  had passed away in her sleep on March 19, 2021.  Although I admit I did not know her whole history and life story, I could recognize and pine for her jewelry designs any day.  After 30 collections for Tiffany & Co, all of which I adore, I narrowed down the top 5 collections that hold a special place in my heart. To read more about her life and accomplishments, Vogue has a great article about the Italian famed designer Elsa Peretti. 

 1. The illustrious Bone Cuff


Since I was little, I have wanted what I called the wonder woman Elsa Petretti cuff bracelet. Actually, I wanted two. One for each wrist.  I remember as a little girl my friend's mother always wore them, sometimes one, sometimes two and I was drawn to them.  When I got older and got my first pieces of Tiffany jewelry for graduation and such, I always had my eye on a bone cuff.  Still to this day, I don't have one, but I will.

Coming in three sizes, small medium and large, this creation was an early one of the Italy-born fashion model and jewelry designer who joined Tiffany & Co in 1974,   In fact, just last year marked the 50th anniversary for this beloved bold bracelet and the company released limited edition remakes on the original. 

2.  Diamonds By The Yard

Diamonds by the yard

In my own personal collection, I have a few of these designs but they contain just the one simple diamond bezel.  The design is so simple, yet timeless and literally goes perfectly with any type of look..

3.  The Bean

I think the Tiffany bean was one of my very first pieces I received as a gift from Tiffany & Co.  As with everything Elsa Peretti, it is classic and is still just as popular today as it was 20 years ago.



4.The Open Heart 


Another classic that Peretti was known for.  Open heart



5. Saving the best for last: Elsa Peretti Mesh! 

i am mesmerized by the intricate and gorgeous work with her mesh collection which includes the famous bra introduced in 1975 and still worn today. 
Elsa Peretti

The Adventurine talks in details about the mesh designs and the inspiration and work that went into creating this jaw-dropping pieces of jewelry   Mesh bib

In conclusion, the entire jewelry industry, Tiffany & Co and so many others have lost a remarkable woman.  But her designs and jewelry will surely live on forever. 

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